Sherwin-Williams 2024 Paint Color of the Year

Sherwin-Williams 2024 Paint Color of the Year

December 18, 2023

Sherwin-Williams announced the 2024 paint color of the year: UPWARD SW 6239 (224-C1).

About Sherwin-Williams Paint Color of the Year

Sherwin-Williams is a leading manufacturer of paint and coatings. Every year, they announce a "color of the year" that sets the trend in interior and exterior paint choices. Their color of the year is chosen through extensive research of global design trends, cultural influences, and societal changes.

Sherwin-Williams also includes complementary colors to accompany their color of the year, providing inspiration for creating harmonious interiors. They say UPWARD SW 6239 pairs well with these rich, earthy tones:

  • SW 7004 - Snowbound
  • SW 6258 - Tricorn Black
  • SW 0045 - Antiquarian Brown
  • SW 9166 - Drift of Mist
  • SW 6428 - Honeydew
  • SW 7605 - Gale Force
  • SW 7735 - Palm Leaf
What Does It Look Like?

Based on the messaging on their website, Sherwin-Williams took an inspired approach to select 2024’s color. UPWARD SW 6239 seems to feel uplifting and light, airy and hopeful, which is the deeper message behind the paint color’s naming.

They describe the 2024 paint color of the year as a breezy, blissful blue. It looks like a very soft, light blue that was toned down with white or trace hints of gray. 

Potential Design Use

From an interior design perspective, Sherwin-Williams shows a wide variety of uses for this “silver lining, relaxed and carefree” hue. You can use UPWARD SW 6239 in the kitchen on the paneling of your island or around the backsplash. Paint the dining room for a quaint cottage aesthetic. They even show the paint’s use in the bathroom as an accent color for the vanity cabinetry. 

Regardless of how designers or homeowners incorporate UPWARD SW 6239 into their homes, one thing is clear. It sets an uplifting, creative, content ambiance.

At Legacy Homes, our designers will be thinking of creative ways to use the Sherwin-Williams 2024 paint color of the year.

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