The Importance of Energy Efficiency in Winter and Your HERS Rating

The Importance of Energy Efficiency in Winter and Your HERS Rating

February 6, 2023

As temperatures drop, the importance of energy efficiency in winter becomes increasingly evident. With electricity costs on the rise, it’s vital to take steps to ensure your home is as energy efficient as possible.

Let’s touch on a few key ways to increase energy efficiency in winter and reveal why your home’s HERS score directly impacts your energy bill. 


One of the most important home features that affect energy is insulation. A well-insulated home is critical to keeping the cold out and the heat in during winter. Any cracks, gaps, or leaks should be sealed to prevent heat from escaping. Additionally, consider replacing old insulation in walls, attics, and other areas of your home that could benefit from the improvement.


Another way to improve energy efficiency in winter is to invest in energy-efficient windows. Traditional, single-pane windows can be replaced with double or triple-paned windows, which offer better insulation and, thus, help to reduce energy costs.

Modern Thermostat 

Consider switching to a programmable thermostat if your home is fitted with an old-fashioned thermostat. A modern thermostat can be programmed to turn off when you’re away from home or at night, thereby reducing energy usage. Google Nest thermostat has an eco-mode that adjusts the heat or AC for you to prevent excess use. 

Let’s Talk About Your HERS Score 

The HERS index (Home Energy Rating System) is the home building industry standard for measuring energy efficiency. The lower your house’s HERS score, the better its energy efficiency. 

Once Legacy Homes builds a new house, the house is inspected, certified, and receives a HERS score. By using the latest technology and tools, we’re proud to say our homes are up to 30% more efficient than a standard new home and 60% more efficient than older homes. 

Not only do our builds help you save money on electricity costs, but they also help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. Talk to us today about discovering your home’s HERS score!

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