Potential Savings From Using A New Home Builder

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When choosing between buying a used home, using an independent home builder, and using a new home building company, there are a few considerations to be made, especially when it comes to getting the job done right for minimal investment. That being said, there’s a strong case to be made for using an established and experienced home building company like Legacy Home Builders instead of buying a used home or risking it on a smaller builder.


Saving Money


When you think of “savings” the first thing that you probably think about is money. Saving money with a coupon at the grocery store is okay, but when it comes to buying a home, the savings or lack thereof can be significant. First thing’s first, when it comes to buying a used home, the biggest risk that most buyers take is in the form of hidden costs.


Hidden costs can come in many forms. Some of these can include foundation repairs, septic tank repairs, roofing and siding repairs, asbestos removal (depending on how old the house is), and HVAC/Electrical/Water Heater repairs. Some of these hidden costs can be as much as $16,000 by themselves if you aren’t careful or are inexperienced with what to look for when buying a house. Because of these risks, if you are not an experienced and/or professional home buyer who can spot these errors, it is highly advised that you go with building a new home, preferably with an established and experienced new home building company.


“But why is using an established home building company better than just hiring a contractor?”, you may ask. While some individual contractors can be reliable and experience, many of them are neither. A quick Google search or chat with someone in the home building business will probably give you horror stories about private contractors that finish past schedule, over-budget, or not at all… While all private contractors have a nice pitch, it’s ultimately a gamble on whether or not they can deliver. While you may get a better short-term price, is it really worth the risk?


Saving Time


One of the main advantages of buying a new home is that it’s essentially a turn-key deal. When the home is finished, you take care of the relevant paperwork, get the key, and you’re ready to decorate! When buying a used home, especially in the case of a “fixer-upper”, you’ll need to dedicate time and money to make that used home work for you. Given the fact that the average American has nine unfinished projects in their home at any given time, fixing up your newly-bought used home could take a lot more time than you think. The average home project can last for months or even years, which is a huge time investment, assuming that you get the time necessary to complete it at all.


Using an independent contractor can also cost you a lot more time than if you had used an established home building company. Much like the monetary risks that prospective home buyers take when using a private contractor for building a home, there are money time-based risks that apply. Because of the inherently questionable reliability of a private contractor, there may be project delays, delays as a result of poorly done work that has to be redone, etc. This can all add up to months of extra time that you have to wait to live in your dream home.


Don’t risk your time or money by choosing to buy a used home or go with an independent contractor. If value and getting what you pay for on time matter to you, contact Legacy Homes today.

Kelly Ruh

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