Benefits of 3D Virtual Home Tours

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With so many restrictions and precautions being put into place in 2020, it has become very difficult to do most of the things we enjoy. However, with more virtual options becoming available, you can get back to your normal life, safely. Legacy Homes wants to introduce you to 3D virtual home tours and all of the benefits. If you can’t tour your home in person, this is the next best option by far.

Simple to Set Up

To take a 3D virtual home tour of one of our model homes, just set up a Zoom call and take the tour live with an agent. These tours are designed to make you feel as if you were walking through the home yourself. If you’re out of town, or not in the area to view a home in person, just request a 3D virtual tour! It’s that simple. We do recommend that you visit in person sometime though, because being able to see, touch and feel your surroundings is a very important part of choosing the elements that go into your new Legacy Home.

Tour Anytime

When deciding on your new home, you usually try to tour it several times before making a final decision. Virtual home tours allow you to take a ‘walkthrough’ anytime, anywhere. If you live a busy life, or are looking into homes that are in another area, virtual tours are made for people like you! No more taking time off from work, or squeezing in time over the weekend. Tour from anywhere on your computer or mobile device.

Better Than Photos

How many times have we heard ‘photos don’t do it justice’? A lot. If you are relocating and can’t visit to tour your home, virtual tours are the way to go. You can’t get a real sense of the space with photos alone. With virtual tours, you can tour at your own pace and envision your life there. Figure out where you would place the couch, bed, television and any other furniture. You get a 360° view of the entire room, unlike in photos when you’re trying to figure out what door leads to where. View all of the aspects up close such as light fixtures, flooring, countertops and cabinetry.

Saves Time

By the time you find a home you love, you’ve probably toured quite a bit of houses. Virtual home tours save you the time and hassle of having to tour a home in person, only to find out it’s not the right fit for you. Unlike still photos, where you can’t get a complete picture of the home, 360° virtual home tours allow you to view and virtually walk through. This saves you the time of having to set up a tour and drive to the property to get the full sense of the space. Instead, you’ll be able to determine if the home is a right fit, or at least worth going to see in person.


Legacy Homes in Huntsville, Alabama offers 3D virtual home tours. You can view our list of model homes, and take a walk through anytime here. We have new homes for sale in Huntsville, Athens, New Market, Meridianville, and Monrovia.

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