Building Your New Home With Us: We Take Care of Everything For Our Busy Clients

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With Fall quickly approaching and the kiddos heading back to school, things can get a little hectic to say the least. Coordinating everyone’s schedule and trying to keep up with everything that this time of year brings can be a significant mental commitment. Fortunately, when you build your new home with us, you’ll be able to focus on the things that need your attention instead of having to deal with the distraction of monitoring a new home construction process. Our approach to keeping you up to date on everything that is going on with your new home’s construction is just another reason to choose Legacy Homes for your new home building needs.


We have a proven timeline that maps out every step so you don’t have to ask what’s next

When you have the process of building some of the best new homes around down to a science, it’s much easier to anticipate and standardize the building process. We’ve been building new homes in north Alabama for a long time, and that experience has translated into our being able to guide you through each step of the building process.


Our agents call you every week to give you updates on the progress/next steps

With your busy schedule, it can sometimes be difficult to manually keep up with a timeline or schedule. That’s why our agents call you every week to give you updates on the progress of your new home’s construction. This way, you can take care of the things that require your attention the most.


We coordinate the closings and paperwork with lenders to ensure quality customer service

One of the things that we hear most often from people is that dealing with the closings and all of the paperwork that come along with building a new home are extremely time consuming. Also, this process can be less than straightforward. This is why we make handling closings and dealing with the associated paperwork easy for our busy clients. We do this by coordinating with our Preferred Lenders to streamline the closing and paperwork processes.



We work closely with the Buyer’s agents so that the customer can truly be the consumer and not have to coordinate contracts

Buying a newly constructed home can be daunting, so we also work with agents so that you don’t have to deal with all of the details that come with closing on a new home. We always make sure that you have to spend as little of your time as possible going through the home building process at unnecessary stages. We hope that working with these agents to simplify your experience and give you more of your time back will ensure that you are happy with your new home building process.


Our fully vertical platform takes care of almost all aspects of the building process from time of contract

It takes care of building, paying subs with our paperless PO system, and extends all the way to handling any warranty after closing. With such a comprehensive system, we can take the time burden off of you and let you take care of the back to school time crunch. We strive to make sure that you are happy with the way that we do things and want you to be completely satisfied with our service.


With Legacy Home’s sophisticated process for handling virtually all of the critical parts of the home building process, it’s easy to see why we are one of the top home builders in our area. If you  are ready to find your perfect new home, browse our website for more information or contact us today.


Kelly Ruh

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