4 Great At-Home Activities for Families

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More and more families are looking for fun things they can do around the house to keep the summer active. Here are four activities you can do inside your house or around your yard to create memories and positive family experiences without needing to go anywhere!

Go Camping in the Back Yard

If going on a traditional vacation is infeasible, you can still get away from your day-to-day life a bit by camping on your own property. All you need to do it is a yard and a tent!


A back-yard camping trip breaks up the monotony of hanging around the house and challenges kids to entertain themselves and interact with you and each other in different ways. Taking things outside for a few days provides a valuable physical and mental reset.


Of course, if you have a fire pit in your backyard, that’s another opportunity to create an authentic outdoor experience. You can roast weenies, toast marshmallows, and sit around telling stories or singing songs long into the night.

Game Night

The family game night tradition has faded in the last few years with the popularity of the internet and on-demand TV, but now is a perfect time to bring it back in style!


The great thing about game night is it’s open-ended and invites you and your kids to do the things you like best, whether that’s a cooperative video game, a classic board game, or an activity you brainstormed together.


A great way to make game night feel extra special is to hold it in your designated game room. If you have a spare bedroom or office space, you can easily create a fun space that kids (and you) enjoy visiting to kick back and get away from daily stressors.

Cook a Special Meal Together

When it comes to bringing family together in positive ways, the kitchen is possibly the most important room in the entire house. Your kitchen is a place to pass down skills to your kids, try things you’ve never attempted before, and indulge in the fruits of your labor.


Cooking with your kids gives them a new appreciation of what you do for them each day, sparks their creativity, and helps them focus on problem-solving and motor skills in new ways. Even if you’re not typically passionate about cooking your own meals, family time in the kitchen is a great opportunity to show your kids that you’re not afraid to try new challenges yourself!


Do an Arts & Crafts Project

Art and crafting are classic ways to blow off steam, express yourself, and build time into your routine for reflection and relaxation. When you make crafting a family activity, you invite everybody to collaborate and celebrate imagination together.


If you and your family are especially crafty or creative, you can designated a specific craft room within your house. You can use that space to store all your supplies and materials and even decorate it in a way that sparks inspiration or speaks to the specific hobbies you and your family enjoy!


Once your crafting time is done, the works of art you and your kids created can become exciting new decorative items for your craft room, bedrooms, shared spaces, and beyond. Displaying that work thoughtfully is a great follow-up activity that helps kids feel pride in what they’ve accomplished and see the ownership they have over their living space.


Find the Perfect Home for Family Activities

Sick of apartment living or sharing activity space with other families? Legacy Homes is here to connect you with the ideal new home for you and your growing, thriving family.


We’re proud to build houses that are designed for making memories, family bonding time, and great activities that don’t require any driving at all. Whether you’re looking for a kitchen to train a future chef, a yard with lots of space to play, or a home with a space you can use as a game or crafting room, contact Legacy Homes today!

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