Why 2020 is the Best Year to Build In or Around Huntsville

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Huntsville, Alabama has always been a great place to live. The thriving aerospace and engineering businesses in the area make Huntsville and the surrounding towns some of America’s most desirable and affordable bedroom communities.


As we enter the 2020, Huntsville is experiencing a new wave of growth. The population is booming, and major employers are opening new campuses, bringing even more great jobs to the area.


If you’re someone looking to build a house this year, there’s really nowhere better than Huntsville!


2020 is Huntsville’s Year!

New Buildings Downtown

2019 saw a great deal of construction in Huntsville’s downtown area, as older buildings were knocked down and new ones began to sprout up. Many of those new hotels and businesses are scheduled to open in 2020, bringing high-end accommodations and shopping and continuing the process of urban renewal.


Several parking structures will also be added in 2020, simplifying life for commuters, residents, and tourists alike. With these improvements, downtown Huntsville is quickly growing into a business district that rivals any of America’s great cities.

The Trash Pandas’ Inaugural Season

Minor league baseball has been a tradition across rural America for over a century, but Huntsville is finally getting the chance to put its own local spin on the national pastime in 2020.


The Rocket City Trash Pandas will play their first game at brand new Toyota Field this April, creating a unique hub of city pride and a new way for community members of all ages to gather together in a positive way. The team’s mascot, Sprocket, is an energetic racoon stuck in a trash can, which gives you a sense of what a fun experience the team is hoping to create!


The New Mars Music Hall

Huntsville’s Von Braun Center already has a historic reputation as a sports arena, concert venue, and event center, but the addition of the Mars Music Hall, a 1,500 person-capacity venue opening within the VBC has music fans in the area buzzing.


The Mars Music Hall will create an intimate new space for the performing arts in downtown Huntsville. Their 2020 event calendar is already packed with performances from a wide variety of musical artists, including Riley Green, Machine Head, and Alter Bridge, and comedy from the likes of and Tig Notaro and Bert Kreischer.

Why Build a House In or Around Huntsville Instead of Buying?

With Huntsville growing into one of the South’s most thriving urban centers and major employers moving in soon, the area’s real estate business has become among the busiest and most rapidly developing in the country. That means that, over the last few years, a lot of the most desirable houses in the area have been sold to people who are looking to stay in the area for the foreseeable future


Even though those prime existing houses are spoken for, new construction offers you the ability to get a great house in the Huntsville area without having to compromise or settle for anything less than the house of your dreams. In fact, the lower costs of undeveloped property in the sounding towns mean that you can build a house to your exact specifications for significantly less than the price of a starter home in comparable job markets, like the Bay Area, Chicago, New York, Boston, etc.


When you build, you also significantly improve the value of your property, which means that, as Huntsville continues to grow and develop, you’ll be in a position of power and holding an asset whose value will only increase over time. That’s why decision to build a new house in the Huntsville area is not just a great way to get a home in the area, it’s a strong investment for you family’s future.



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