Why Homebuyers Prefer a Bonus Room

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The “enticingly titled bonus room”

Once offered as a creative solution to all the noise and activities in an open floor plan, including the blaring music of teenagers – has evolved into one of the hot trends in architectural design. Usually a large room in a house, the bonus room can serve as a family room, a den, home office, play/recreation area, a hobby room, or whatever the homeowner can imagine.

In most of our EASYLIVING™ plans the bonus room is offered upstairs for extra living space. The rooms size and design usually determine what it is best suited for in the overall look of the home. Although, with our wet bar option, most use the Bonus as an entertaining area for adults, teens, or the kids.

How can you use the extra space?

As lifestyles change, so does a family’s needs and “wish list.” And, the open plan with its “unobstructed, flowing space” continues to be attractive to home buyers even after two decades since it initially arrived on the scene (source: Architecture View: A House is a Home, New York Times, 1991).

A newly-married couple may designate open areas for a hobby room, home office, or a den. For growing families, these flexible spaces can be adjusted to accommodate additional bedrooms, a guest room nursery, or play areas.

Even “empty egg-nesters” find uses for bedrooms once occupied by their children. These old rooms may be remodeled/updated as guest or in-law suites; or redecorated as an arts and crafts/sewing/hobby room, a library, or media room. In the event young adults return to the family home, these rooms can be reshuffled for their use.

Advantages of Bonus Rooms

In today’s environment, it is a smart decision to look for a house plan that includes flex space in the blueprints. Legacy Homes offers a Flex Room in all of our plans, because every buyer is different. Whether you’re eyeing a two-story five bedroom home or a simple three-bedroom ranch, it’s important to consider designs of flex space and if you’re in need of more space or have plans to grow your family, the Bonus Room is just for you!

1. Flexibility to update your original idea for the bonus room

2. Ability to change and renovate according to family’s needs/desires

3. Room for expansion

4. Opportunity to stay in your current home for as long as you want

So, whenever you’re ready for that house, think of all the possibilities… let your creativity and imagination run wild!

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The Benefits of a Drop Zone

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April Showers brought May flowers… and muddy paws, drenched jeans, and soggy socks. After a little bout of spring cleaning, nothing is more of a nuisance than stray articles of wet clothing or smudged footprints across tile, wood, or most cringe-worthy: the carpet. Though in the thick of the storm it may feel like your home will never be clean, polished, and perfect like those abodes on Pinterest, the solution can simply be found in custom home design.

Making life more livable in the home requires intentional planning and execution, it takes foresight and it requires functionality. At Legacy Homes our design team knows that life isn’t simple, but we also know that a well designed custom home can help clients simply live. Which is why our plans are EASYLIVING™ eliminating clutter and chaos; read on to learn how a drop zone might be the answer to your organizational nightmare.

•Shoes and Coats: Never again will you find spare shoes kicked around the living room floor or coats resting on the backs of your kitchen chairs. A drop zone can be custom designed for shoe cubbies and coat hooks, both making these nonessential clothing items easy to store on your way in the home and easy to grab while you’re dashing out.

•Groceries, Mail, and Everything in Between: Every home has a place where miscellaneous items seemingly just land. Whether it’s your nonperishables from the grocery store or your computer bag that needed a resting place, items that are lugged from the car are typically dropped right inside the doorway. A drop zone allows for items to be set aside, not scattered in disarray. Mail stations and landing counters are a great solution for all of the miscellaneous items you bring through the doorway.

•Sports Enthusiasts: Drop zones provide the perfect resting place for cleats, gloves, balls, and pads. Rather than finding equipment strewn around the house or balls tumbling off of counters or out of shelves, include a designated bin in your drop zone for the sweaty, sandy, grimy gear.

Legacy Homes knows that functionality and design are essential to any working drop zone. Contact Legacy Homes today and let us Build Your Legacy.®