What Makes A Great Home Builder?

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Building your first home can be scary for families. It’s important to find the best home builder that you can find to make your home building a success. A happy customer is a happy homeowner. Here are 5 great tips on how to make find your home builder a success:




This is probably the easiest step you can take. Tour several communities. See for yourself. If allowed, check out the craftsmanship inside the home or have an experienced realtor come with you. Even better, see if you have any friends or acquaintances who have bought new homes recently and ask for a tour. Most people are happy to show off!



Boundaries and goals are a necessity for a huge project.

Nothing is worse than when you get started on a building your dream home and after a week or two into the project you realize that your contractor doesn’t know what he is doing. There are many questions to ask your future contractor and places online that you can look for finding the correct contractor. Here are a few questions to ask: How long has the company been in business?
How long has its principals been building homes?

It’s important to choose a builder who’s a seasoned professional. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about what they’ve done in the past. Here is the 2-10 link for you to check out your contractor’s experience in your state –




Don’t take the builder’s word at face value

Not every state has laws or regulations concerning builder licensing, but some do. If your state does, be sure the builder you select has the proper licensing as required. Also ask for verification that he has the appropriate insurance to cover his company, his employees and you in the event of a loss or accident. Look into whether the builder is accredited or belongs to a building association, such as the Canadian Home Builder’s Association. Belonging to an organization not only proves the builder is in good standing but also indicates whether the company is current on the latest regulations.



Keeping you happy will make their job go smoother

Watch the clock after you set up a work schedule with your contractor. If they are late or don’t call you to why they are missing a scheduled time; set up rules or boundaries so they understand that their time is also your time. If they are tardy to meetings with you, take that as big warning sign. The builder who arrives at your house at the organized time, is the builder most likely to start on time and complete the work to deadline. A good home builder is honest and open about timetables and owns up to when things are behind, rather than giving excuses. Be flexible in understanding that certain elements such as supply issues or weather or other circumstances are out of their (and your) control.



It’s always good practice to make sure that the builder can do what they say they can do.

Besides checking with clients they’ve recently built homes for, be sure to reach out to clients who have been in their homes for a few years, too. Check online reviews and ask friends who have recently built about their experience with that builder.


Now that you have these tips, we hope that this will help you have a wonderful experience with your new home builder. We at Legacy Homes are more than happy to show how we can match and exceed all of these expectations, contact us anytime!


Getting Your Home Ready for Summer Season

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We’re finally past the cold snaps, and the rain is on it’s way out. The long, hot days of summer are upon us. Weather forecasters expect it to be a hot and muggy summer so drought won’t be a problem for the Southeast. However, summer has several issues to keep in mind as the season progresses.

Air Flow

If you haven’t had one in a while, now is a great time to get an inspection on your HVAC system. The middle of the summer is a bad time as they often are short-handed, and hourly rates may even increase. Also, reduce the stress on your system by using your ceiling fans. A great fan only uses 2 or less cents per hour of electricity, a prudent and eco-conscious approach to temperature control.  Also make sure the fans are turned to blow downward instead of the winter, upward position.

Pest Control

The summer is a bug fiesta! Every year, there’s ticks, mosquitos, ants, bees, wasps, fleas and more in full force from May to August. Get your yard and animals treated. With this growing food supply also comes a slew of rodents. Keep your grass low and dispose of food waste in secure containers. It doesn’t matter how new or old your house is, if you build it, they will come.

BBQ and Pool Prep

This is a fun time to have family and friends to your home. Have you ever noticed that several patriotic events occur in the summer? Nothing is more American than a BBQ but don’t get too excited. Clean your grill and test it carefully. Many injuries come from hasty, unplanned food preparation in the summer. Fires can also damage your house and negligence can cause issues with your insurance premiums. Have fun but be safe!

Pools are getting opened and cleaned. Make sure your system runs properly and that gates to your private swimming areas are secure for smaller children. Clear clutter from the water side that might cause tripping.

Gutter Care

Fall isn’t the only time to be aware of your gutters. The spring showers have just beaten down on your gutter system for a good two months and showers still happen in the summer, especially in the South. Buildup in your gutters can also create the perfect nest material for all sorts of bugs and other pests. Hiring a professional to clean is advisable for your own safety.


We know you want to relax, but these calmer months in the summer that can provide the perfect time for exterior siding and paint work. Also keep in mind that slower summer months may have cost reductions with certain companies who try to keep busy.


Not to be a downer but this is the calm before the storm. Gather, replenish or replace last year’s medical and food supplies. Summer also comes with more summer break scrapes and more burns from the hot sun. And please, drink more water! That should be a given.

Have Fun!

The summer is a great time for loving family and building memories. We hope you have a fun and safe summer. Now is just as great a time to consider moving into a new home or building your own as weather will now be about as cooperative as its going to get for an efficient build time.  Contact us today whenever you have a question!