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If there’s one thing we can all agree on about 2018, it’s that it’s a year change. New ideas and new ways of doing things are everywhere you turn. And it’s no different in the world of home design. It’s only March but already new trends in home design are surfacing, and promising exciting new options for people building their own home.
Let’s take a look at some of our favorite trends that are taking hold in 2018:

1. Vintage lighting Lanterns, sconces, pendants and chandeliers: vintage and classic styles are coming back in a big way. If you like the charm and sophistication that vintage light fixtures can add to your home (we certainly do!) talk to you designer about what you have in mind, and what she would recommend to complement your home.
If you want to go for maximum authenticity, there are plenty of places to find original fixtures made in your favorite style era. Or, choose from an almost endless selection of high quality vintage-inspired modern pieces that allow you to indulge your sophisticated style while enjoying the convenience of present-day technology.


2. Advanced Technology Speaking of present-day technology, 2018 is the year that cutting edge technology is dramatically changing the way designers and builders create new homes. No longer are technological features things that are added to the home after the fact. Now, homes are designed around technologies that make living more simplified and convenient than ever.

Today, homeowners expect builders to incorporate customized technology into their homes. Wi-Fi connectivity that is optimized for the size and layout of your home. Apps that let you lock and unlock your doors. Interfaces that allow you to order supplies with the touch of a button. A few years ago this may have all seemed super futuristic. But the future is here!

3. Au Naturel Just because we want the convenience of the latest space-age technologies in our home, doesn’t mean we want to feel like we’re living in a space ship! Contemporary tech-centered style seemed to peak in 2017. Now, in 2018 we’re seeing a big shift back toward natural, organic materials like stone, wood and granite as homeowners seem to be discovering a renewed appreciation for their timelessness. These natural elements add a sense of serenity to a home, while enhancing its beauty and sophistication.


4. Open Concept and Flexible Spaces Families’ lifestyles are changing and they expect their living spaces to keep up. Home layouts with neatly boxed-off, dedicated rooms have given way to expansive, multipurpose rooms that can be tailored to families’ specific wants and needs. Being able to design and customize the ideal space for their family is another reason more homeowners are opting to build their own homes. With our EASYLIVING™ floorplans, there is plenty of space for your needs!

Families are also demanding more flexibility in their homes design. Many are choosing sliding doors, pocket doors, and other movable dividers over old-fashioned walls and traditional doors, to ensure a seamless transition between rooms as well as indoor and outdoor living spaces. The open-concept trend may not have started in 2018, but it’s worth nothing that it is continuing to pick up steam. This makes it quite an anomaly in the design world where trends can change from month to month! It seems that open, flexible living spaces where families can gather to enjoy each others’ company while doing their own things, are here to stay—at least for a while!



5. Sustainability The other trend that is going nowhere fast is the incorporation of sustainability into a home’s design. In fact, it’s probably a misnomer to even call it a “trend.” 2018 is the year that “sustainability” is finally going mainstream. From solar-panels, to organic materials, to energy efficient appliances, homeowners are increasingly demanding sustainable features in their homes. And designers and builder are leading the way by using environmentally friendly materials and prioritizing efficiency in their designs.

Homeowners who work with a builder to maximize the sustainability of their own homes are going to reap the greatest benefits. Not only will they enjoy huge cost savings
over the years in their energy efficient homes, when the time comes to sell, their house will likely fly off the market. Sustainability is only going to become more and more desirable for homeowners. In fact, in some areas of the country, there are already ordinances and regulations that require new construction to meet certain standards for sustainability. This is likely not a “trend” at all but a shift in our culture that is likely to gain momentum, so now is a smart time to get ahead of the curve and build your own sustainable home.

Of course this list of 2018 home design trends isn’t comprehensive. There are so many beautiful ways to design, customize and decorate a home. And everyone has their own style. No style or trend is wrong. The bottom line is, you should live in a home that looks and functions exactly the way you want! At Legacy Homes that’s what we do: We work with you to customize and create the home of your dreams. Build Your Legacy.®

Legacy Homes Easter Coloring Contest!

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Hop on over to Legacy Homes and win the Legacy Homes Easter Coloring Contest!

A fun chance to win a COOL Easter prize!

Winner will be announced on Saturday, March 31st

click below to start coloring!!

Baby Bunnies – ages 1-4 (click here to print) 

Cottontails – ages 5-8 (click here to print)

Thumpers – ages 9-12 (click here to print)


Check out our fun prizes!! 

Baby Bunnies:



How to win:

  • Option 1: Download your coloring sheet, print at home, color, and enjoy!
  • Option 2: Stop by Legacy Homes (2000 Andrew Jackson Way) and pick up your coloring sheet!
  • Write your name and age on coloring sheet
  • Take a photo of your coloring sheet or you holding your coloring sheet!
  • Post it on our Facebook Page 
  • Post it by Friday, March 30th

Good Luck!!!