Great Reasons to Move and Build in Madison

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Huntsville is on the path to becoming the biggest city in north Alabama. Hundreds of jobs continue to move to our area and provide a healthy economy of growth. The Rocket City has seen a steady incline in population and several large organizations have moved here or plan to in the near future. Real estate is healthy in this area and several huge commercial projects are in the works, such as Midcity Huntsville and Downtown Huntsville.


What’s more impressive is the dramatic growth of the HSV neighbor, Madison. Believe it or not, Madison has actually existed since 1869. It took 100 years to reach 4000 people since its only main draw was a railroad depot. This would all change when America plopped a few Germans in Huntsville and had them build rockets. We are all familiar with the results! Once viewed as a small “suburb of Huntsville,” Madison has multiplied its population by 10 times since 1980, surpassing 40,000.
At Legacy, we have seen the opportunity and growth of the area and have created several beautiful communities in that area like Iredell, Heritage Brook, and Applewood. But why exactly is everyone moving to Madison? Here’s our thoughts on some key factors affecting the migration.



Madison has many engineers, as does Huntsville. So access to the Arsenal is critical. Madison residents have a quick access to Gates 7 and 9. For non-government workers, highway 72 and interstate 565 make a commute to anywhere easy. While you may hear the occasional complaint about traffic, most of those complaints come from locals who have yet to live in a top 10 metro city of the United States. While we have our occasional jam, it’s smooth sailing most days with a small 30 min slowdown around 5pm.

School Systems
Madison has a great reputation of taking care of the children. The school system is much newer than Huntsville, affording the community new buildings, a rich support system, and an active local government. Many people move from Huntsville to access these excellent schools and our Legacy communities benefit from being in the best zones. Huntsville and Madison took 3 of the 10 in top 10 schools in Alabama.

Room to Grow
While Huntsville has “rocketed” in its job growth, land has also become a fairly scarce resource. While Madison has also grown dramatically, many residents happily agree that it feels less crowded. It’s population density is still half of Huntsville. There’s still a few farms and plenty of trees that dot the area to give it a country feel with city benefits. It’s far more than a train station but it is still definitely on the move!

Libby Williams

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