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What Homebuyers Want

Categories: Floorplan | Posted: April 30, 2015

What Home Buyers Want: EASYLIVING™ Open Concept Floor Plans

Open concept homes have never been more in demand than right now. Fortunately, Legacy Homes takes pride in offering Open Concept floor plans with our EASYLIVING™ plans. The plans are functional, spacious, and comfortable while maintaining a sense of beauty and craftsmanship.

Gone are the days when home buyers were satisfied with compartmentalized homes. What we’ve seen is that home buyers are seeking an unbroken visual flow from the moment they set foot in the home where one room flows seamlessly into the next.

The Advantage
Families with young children place a high value on open concept homes because someone in the kitchen can easily keep an eye on their children playing in the next room while they cook. With fewer walls, toddlers have space to play and run from room to room.

Open concept homes are also desirable to millennial homeowners who frequently entertain guests. It’s easier to mix and mingle at football viewing gatherings and holiday parties when fewer walls divide up your available entertaining space. Also, the kitchen now becomes a warm, inviting space where houseguests can easily walk in and out and where the person preparing meals can see what’s on TV in the adjoining living space.

Last but not least, open floor plans provide more natural light throughout the home. With fewer walls, exterior light can access every inch of your home, making it appear larger and more spacious.

How Legacy Homes Delivers What you Want
Legacy Homes delivers what home buyers are seeking most in a new home by making a variety of open floor plans available for buyers to choose from. In our models, we demonstrate how one unified space can serve a dual purpose as a dining area and living area while showing how each area of an open room can maintain its own distinct boundaries and purpose. For two-story homes, our floor plans often even allow for a view of an upstairs living area.

Providing ease in entertaining, dining, and socializing within one spacious location is important to Homebuyers, which is important to us at Legacy Homes.

Build Your Legacy®

5 Benefits of Open Floor Plans

Categories: Floorplan | Posted: March 11, 2015

Legacy Homes are built and designed for the way you live. We call them EASYLIVING™ plans. The plans are functional, spacious, and comfortable while maintaining a sense of beauty and craftsmanship.

Here are the top five benefits of open concept floor plans:

1. Enjoy a great entertaining space. Even if it’s just your immediate family, you’ll love the convenience of this main gathering space. One person can be in the kitchen preparing a meal and the rest of the family can be in the living room watching tv or playing a game and you will all be connected. When you entertain guests, the open plan allows easy flow and prevents overcrowding in one area.

2. Allows the flow of natural light. Removing walls between segregated rooms invites natural light to travel and connects your indoor spaces with the outdoors. Adding a window in the kitchen or living area can provide views into your backyard and brighten up all adjacent spaces.

3. The EASYLIVING™ open floor plans Create uninterrupted lines of sight. This means you can still see the game, watch the grandkids, or simply have clear views into all living spaces.

4. Makes your home feel larger. With walls separating every room, especially kitchens, great rooms, and dining rooms the house can seem small. When you eliminate the walls so that all of these rooms flow, it seems much larger and a lot more open.

5. Your kitchen becomes the focal point. Whether it’s intended or not, the kitchen is where everyone gathers. In an open concept floor plan your kitchen layout can be customized to maximize its place in the spotlight.

Legacy Homes designs all of our homes with EASYLIVING™ plans with YOU in mind, come see for yourself!