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Why Buy New? – The Advantages of Buying a New Home

Categories: Blog | Posted: June 16, 2017

Home Ownership is rewarding and exciting, but it is also a huge decision and a big responsibility.  Why not buy and design a new home to fit you and your family perfectly!  Your home should be a reflection of your taste and style.  With “used” homes, you can’t personalize the home to create that perfect look.  Why settle for someone else’s choices when you can select your favorite cabinets, counter tops, appliances, flooring, and more?  And there are other questions with used homes. Will that HVAC system hold up much longer?  And just how old  is that stained carpet?  When you buy a new Legacy home, you always get what you want, including peace-of-mind.


Compare the benefits of buying a new Legacy Home compared to a “worn-out, used” home.



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Tub or No Tub?

Categories: Blog, Uncategorized | Posted: March 29, 2017

Tub or No Tub?  When it comes to the master bath in today’s communities a lot of new homebuyers are moving away from the bathtub. Whether you’re planning to build a new home in the area or remodel an existing home, this may be your first debate.

There really is no argument that this is becoming more and more of a standard in today’s luxury Master suites.  Most of home buyers in today’s economy are “aging in place”.  Aging in place usually results in the home buyers staying in this house till can no longer do so.  Tubs make this much harder. The large walk-in showers are much more practical when thinking about the future and getting older in your forever home.

We love that Legacy Homes can offer both options to our home buyers to hit both demographics. Even though some may say that they plan on having kids later or have small children now and they need that tub to bathe them in until they are old enough for the shower. This is why all of our floorplans still have the conventional secondary bathroom with a shower/tub combo. This way you aren’t completely deleting a tub option from the home.


Some may say that this will hinder resale, but in all honesty anything in the home can affect this if you don’t have the right buyer. Each home has something special to a specific group of people. We have our fireplace lovers and fireplace haters; we also have our hard surface lover’s vs our carpet lovers. It really is just preference.

It’s such different debate that when we took a survey from some homeowners in different age groups in our communities to see what their responses were:

“A shower is quicker. I don’t have time to soak and lounge around in a tub. It uses a lot of water (plus sewer). The one we had in our old home was used as a clothes hamper plus it’s just something else to clean.” – Angie LeCroy

“I would say YES when it comes to having a tub in the master bath. A shower is built for more of a quick/faster bathing process, but after a long day at the office and walking on my feet throughout the day, all I want to do is run a bubble bath and let my worries wash away. Having a tub in the master bath can also double as an extra space to wash your babies/toddlers while you have guest in town. Overall I feel that a tub in the master bath is the way to go!” – Lauren Kirkconnell

In the end the home buying process is truly up to you and your lifestyle. Choosing whether to include or not include a tub is just one of those decisions home buyers make when creating their dream home. We ultimately make it up to you! Build Your Legacy. ®