5 Benefits of Owning a New Home

Categories: Misc | Posted: February 12, 2015

If you’re among those struggling to decide whether or not to purchase a new home, consider these 5 reasons to take the plunge into homeownership:

1. Energy Efficiency. With Legacy Homes, building an energy efficient home is a top priority for us. Nothing will save you more money over time than having a certified Energy Right home. This helps to reduce energy bills, and improve comfort, all while protecting the environment. By using the latest technology and building techniques we are able to accomplish this without sacrificing the style and elegance of the home you expect from us.

2. You can customize your new home by choosing floor plans, cabinets, granite, lighting fixtures, colors and every other detail! In the Legacy Homes showroom we walk you through a selection process step by step to choose every detail of your new home. You’ll be sure to leave with the confidence and excitement!

3. Unlike rent, a fixed mortgage can’t go up (even if inflation does). Fixed mortgage rates don’t go up, even if the cost of everything else does. To protect yourself, Jack Otter, author of “Worth It … Not Worth It?” suggests making a 20 percent down payment and taking out a 30-year fixed mortgage to lock in today’s low interest rates. “Mortgage rates haven’t been this low since GIs were heading home from France. Lock in a low monthly payment, and you’ve just taken a huge step in protecting your family against inflation,” he writes in his book.

4. Homeowners can take tax deductions. The chief tax benefit of homeownership is the ability to deduct mortgage interest payments, but the perks don’t stop there. Homeowners can also deduct eligible expenses (certain energy-efficient improvements, for example) and in some cases can avoid federal taxes on earnings from the sale of a home.

5. You can take advantage of currently low interest rates and prices. Despite creeping back up, interest rates remain relatively low from a historical perspective.

Now is the time to buy. With great locations in Madison, AL, Huntsville, AL and Meridianville, AL you can be sure to find your dream home in the location you want. Legacy Homes will also Build on your Lot. Call us today and let us Build Your Legacy™

Jackie Schultz

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